What Attracts Women

what attracts women

Women can be some of the most confusing creatures on earth. If you are trying to attract women you can get it wrong when you think you are doing everything right. The question every man asks at some point in their life is this. What attracts women? Is it good looks? Money? Power? And what do you do to attract women if you are not on the Forbes richest men in America list? Here are some tips for the everyday guy to catch the eye of women everywhere.

  • Courtesy – As cheesy as it sounds, being courteous is something that attracts women. When you stand back and let her enter a door first, or offer to help her with her coat women notice. It should be noted that women notice these things even if the action is not directed at them. If you stand back and hold the door for others to enter a restaurant first, she will notice.
  • Well Dressed – The old ZZ Top song got it right. Every girl loves a sharp dressed man. You don’t have to have the most expensive clothes in the joint. But they do need to be clean and wrinkle free. Not every man feels like doing a 30 minute stint in front of a mirror before running out to the store, and you don’t have to. Just make sure that you are presentable. If you have a button up shirt on, tuck it in. If you are wearing jeans, make sure they aren’t the ones you were wearing when you changed the oil.
  • Scent – There is a ton of research that has been done about the power of the sense of smell. Probably the #1 thing that gets a woman’s attention is when a man smells good. Some scents that are out today smell like sex in a bottle to women. They will flock to you like bee’s to honey if you are wearing a body spray that they like.
  • Purpose – If you act like or present yourself in a way that says you just drift from one thing to another it will turn most women off. Women even notice if you pay for items at the store with wadded up bills shoved into your pocket or if they are placed neatly in a wallet. Even things that seem this trivial to men are clues to women about how attractive a man is. ~
  • Confidence & Speech – Women are attracted to men who have power and prestige. Very few men, less than .01%, become powerful without learning how to speak well. Vulgarity spewing out of your mouth every other word is an instant turn off for most women. On the other hand expanding your vocabulary and speech topics and becoming more articulate tells her that you have the drive to become more. This goes back to purpose.

If you find yourself asking what attracts women, use these tips to get a better insight into the female brain. Once you have a woman’s mind on you and who you are she will be hooked. While attracting women is mostly about being yourself these tips can help.