Enlarging your penis naturally

how to get a bigger penis

how to get a bigger penis

Nearly every man walking on this planet desires a bigger penis. In as much as men wouldn’t want to admit it, they are obsessed with the size of their dicks. Men want larger penises for varying reasons. For instance, they want to improve their performance in bed. They have every intention of sexually satisfying their women. Men also desire bigger dicks to improve their self-confidence. There is a common belief that manhood and masculinity are tied to how big or small a man is endowed. In that case, it wouldn’t be fair to blame men for their obsession on their penis sizes.

No need to worry anymore. Here, you will learn how to get a bigger penis.

1. Penis enlargement programs

You must already have heard or read about the different methods of penis enlargement. There is so much buzz going around, especially on the Internet about penis enlargement products. These methods range from penis enlargement pills to lotions, creams, devices (such as pumps, weights and extenders), penis exercises and even the more drastic method- penis enlargement surgery.

It is amazing just how far men are willing to go to acquire bigger dicks. Some men have paid significant amounts of money to undergo penile enlargement surgery. Others spend several hours’ daily wearing penis extenders and weights. All these methods are said to be effective in one way or another. Of utmost importance is to establish the most appropriate method of penis enlargement for you. Ensure to conduct an extensive background research on each of these products before making the final decision. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, some methods are more efficient than others.


2. Lifestyle adjustments

Do you think you are overweight? Better still, do you have a fat pad around the pubic area? If yes, losing weight can help you gain a couple more inches. You may not know this, but losing weight can help you achieve or rather reveal, up to one centimeter of your penis shaft. Hit the gym to get rid of that fat pad. It is doing a great disservice to your penis length. Apart from exercises, ensure to eat the right kind of foods. In other words, avoid foods that have the potential to bring back that fat pad. By adjusting your lifestyle to this angle, it will surprise you just how incredibly your dick can increase in size.


3. Frequent sex

Surprised? The truth of the matter is, continuous use of your dick can help you observe noticeable changes to your penis length and girth. If you haven’t been engaging in frequent sex, you better find a way to improve the situation. What is the logic behind this? Apparently, when your dick obtains an erection, the penile tissue stretches. From this pressure, the tissue receives micro tears. Following the regular repair and growth of tissues, the penis increases in both girth and length. Do you know what this means? The more the erections obtained, the more the tissue tears and consequently, the more the increments. This is why you should be sexually stimulated as many times as possible.


4. Get enough sleep at night

Getting enough sleep is incredibly important. This is for the same reason as having frequent sex. In that case, adjust your work schedule and get enough sleep at night.



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