How to get a bigger penis ?


How to get a bigger penis

From ancient times, men always wanted to have a bigger penis. However, human beings are not equally endowed and this is true when it comes to penis size as well. Luckily, there are many ways out there for improving the size of your dick and ensuring you have the most fulfilling sexual experiences and share in the greatest pride of manhood. Join me as I take you through some of the tried and tested ways on how to get a bigger penis.

How to make your dick bigger ?

The stretching method

The first method of making your penis bigger is by stretching it. One cute advantage with this method is that it can be achieved by your own hands and you therefore do not require mechanized stretchers. All you have to do is hold the penis with one hand around its head and the other hand around the first hand. You should then stretch your dick as you rotate it for about thirty times, rotating to the left. After the first session, you can take a rest as you massage your penis a little then hold it and repeat the same exercise, this time round stretching to the right. If done at least twice a day, you can be sure to have a bigger dick sooner than you can imagine.


Lubrication is a method of increasing the size of the dick by use of lubricants. The lubricant should either be petroleum-based or water-based. When using water-based lubricants, ensure you put the lubricant during the exercise, as these types of lubricants are known to dry out fast. As a general rule, always go for lubricants that contain botanical extracts, vitamin complexes as well as antioxidants, since these elements will go straight into the targeted penile tissues, thus ensuring immediate results. You should also remember to undertake this exercise after a warming up process as the heat generated by the body will increase the efficiency of the penis to absorb the lubricant.

The length extender method

This method involves the use of a length extender such as a ProExtender to provide some traction to the penis. This device fastens around the base of the dick and around the corona glans, and has an adjustable traction apparatus in between. When longitudinal force is gradually increased on the shaft of the dick, the body reacts to this force in a manner that it multiplies and expands the penile tissue cells, thereby adding extra tissue to the penis and increasing its size. This method can also be achieved by using the hands, though the ProExtender offers a gentler and less painful traction. When using the hands, you can hold the head of your dick with one hand as the other hand keeps the remaining hand to make a grip. You then get a grip on the head and hold straight for about 30 seconds.

Kegels exercise

Kegels’ exercise refers to exercise meant to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles – the muscles that support the uterus, bladder, rectum and small intestine. These exercises are also known to increase dick size; all you have to do is shift focus from the larger pelvic floor and concentrate on dick muscles.

The Jelquing exercise

The jelquing technique enhances the size of the penis by increasing blood flow to the penis area. The exercise involves wrapping up the thumb and handing the finger around the base of the dick, then squeezing and pressing it down at its head. This exercise can be practiced with both hands, exchanging them after each set.

The circular rotation method

This exercise is quite similar to the stretching exercise. The only difference is that here, you hold your dick and stretch it out using one hand only, then rotate this position by doing 30 seconds for one direction. When done, you can do another 30 seconds for the other direction and ensure you practice this at least 5 times a day.

The Diet plan

Aside from the range of penis exercises explained above, you can also increase the size of your dick by adopting certain diet plans. The trick, however, is to combine the diet plan with an exercise plan for quicker and better results. Foods that are known to help increase dick size are known as vasodilators. This is due to the fact that they increase the size of the penis by increasing blood flow to the penile area. Examples of these foods are eggs, liver, milk, salmon, tuna and certain vegetables such as broccoli, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Of the many foods recommended for increasing the size of a dick, perhaps the foods that stand out from the rest are ginger, ginkgo biloba, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds and cayenne paper. In addition to improving blood flow to the penis area, these foods have several other benefits to the body. Pumpkin seeds, for instance, are rich in Vitamin E while dark chocolate is known to detoxify the body. On the other hand, ginkgo biloba improves the mind while ginger improves the immune system. Cayenne paper also has immense benefits apart from helping increase the size of the penis, but the most notable one is increasing metabolism, hence helping the body burn excess cholesterol.


We’ve had it said many times that frequent sexual intercourse increases the size of the penis. Well, for the doubting Thomases, the science here is simple – like many other methods of increasing dick size, sex increases the size of the penis by increasing blood flow to the penis.


As controversial as they may be, drugs and pills also find their place in the list of ways on how to make your dick bigger. There are many drugs that have been manufactured due to the ever-growing demands of penis enlargement. Some of these drugs include Pro Solution pills, Vmax pills, Vig-Rx plus, Natural gain plus among many more.

What is worth noting is the fact that these pills should be taken as the very last option for penis enlargement. This is because unlike the diet plan and the exercise plan, they are not a natural way of penis size enlargement, hence are prone to many side effects. Users are also advised to be sure the drugs and pills are for enlargement of penis size as opposed to merely enhancing sexual performance. This is how to get a bigger penis.




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