Does Tria Laser Work?


Does Tria Laser Work – asked by kim on March 2008

Whether it is on your under arms or legs, dealing with unwanted hair could get really hectic and annoying. What could be more frustrating than having to shave these areas every other day? You need to get a way of removing these hairs permanently and the best way to do this is having a laser hair removal.

This procedure involves a beam of light penetrating your hair follicle and consequently stopping it from growing. I know what you must be thinking, that you have to go into the office of a professional to get this kind of treatment. Wrong, the Tria laser hair removal allows you the flexibility and privacy you crave for because you can do it at home. Does tria laser work? is a common question for people who thinks that the deal is too good to be true. However, this procedure works perfectly well and has numerous benefits.   Does Tria Laser Work

For starters, it is cost friendly because you get to do it from the comfort of your home. Having laser removal at the office of a professional would cost you more than $1000 per session and it could get very expensive because you will most likely have to attend at least three sessions. A tria laser hair removal kit will cost you as little as $395

How does tria laser work?

The tria laser hair removal wand will help you to permanently get rid of unwanted hair in a matter of few months. You are required to make use of the device after every two weeks for approximately six months. After the stipulated six months you will no longer have to worry about waxing or shaving every other morning. This will automatically save you a lot of time in your mornings and you can sleep a little more or head for your daily duties earlier than usual. It feels great to wake up to a smooth and hair less skin every other day.

One thing I love about the tria laser hair removal is the fact that it comes with five settings of comfort allowing you to choose a comfort level that I feel suitable for myself. My device for anyone who is starting out is to settle for comfort level one or two. This levels helps in decreasing the pain you are likely to experience. After using the device a few times, you can then increase the treatment level. As you will realize, a higher level of treatment will make your obtain quicker and better results.

Does tria laser work on many areas?

Yes, this hair removal comes with the benefit of being usable on most areas of the body. I used it on my legs, bikini line, my back, stomach areas as well as the under arms. However, I must warn you not to remove hair from your face. Additionally, you should not receive a tan a week prior to hair removal using tria laser hair removal. Tanned skin could absorb excessive laser light, making the process of hair removal difficult.

The device comes with detailed instructions that you must observe to the latter. Ensure to read the instructions thoroughly before using the device to be certain that you are doing everything right.