How to get rid of constipation fast


So How to get rid of constipation fast?

Constipation comes with an easy feeling that one will never wish to experience at any moment. It is as a result of stool not able to be pushed out of the body either due to slow muscle contraction or lack of enough water to soften the waste. Should this experience occur, one has to get the quickest way on how to get rid of constipation and feel better once more. Remember the main aim is either to soften the stool or increase the rate of contraction, or both. Below are, therefore, some simple but urgent ways of dealing with the situation.

How to get rid of constipation fast

So How to get rid of constipation fast?  The very initial thing is to reduce further constipation by avoiding more fatty foods and foods containing refined sugar that worsens the situation. So you will definitely go slow on things like cookies and instead increase intake on foods with more fibers. Fibers are never digested and thus they stay in the waste where they are able to absorb water, hence softening the waste. This results in easy elimination of the stool from the body. Fibers are mainly found in fruits and vegetables such as kales, avocado, papaya and so and so forth. You can also take fiber supplements for better result.

The other solution is taking a lot of pure water. This is usually important not only when you experience constipation, but as a healthy practice. However, when you experience constipation, you need to increase the level of water intake to about ten glasses per day from the usual recommended eight. Taking a lot of water especially in the morning, about three glasses, before taking anything else gives a better result. Ensure that the water is pure and warm.

The only thing you can add in the water is maybe lemon which helps in cleaning both liver and colon; removing all the stones and other dirt that may have blocked the passage of the wastes. Some people have also experienced relief from constipation by simply rubbing the doTerra Lemon essential oil on their lower abdomen.

Taking coffee can relieve you from constipation when taken in small quantity. This should be temporary and quick relief. However, taking too much coffee will result into dehydration which can eventually lead to constipation. You should therefore avoid things that dehydrate your body like too much coffee and alcohol.

You also need to also do a lot of exercise that will increase the movement of the bowel so that you increase the rate of contraction. You should take a walk and massage your stomach downwards, especially the lower part, close to your private part. When you are going for the call, which should be any moment you feel, try to squat instead of sitting.

Remember that when the situation persists, you definitely need to contact your doctor. There are so many ways of how to get rid of constipation, but when these methods fail, always consult your doctor since some constipation could be as a sign of other complications or simply genetic. This can only be discussed by specialists to get the best result.