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We stand day-to-day with people. People we work with. People who are our partners. People who are our inspiration.

Creating a world of Beauty through fairness and inclusivity

To us, the way we do business is just as important as financial performance, and that includes how we work with our teams, our partners and the communities we interact with. We are committed to fairness and ethics in all aspects of human relations, and the L’Oréal Spirit places special emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

The people we are working with are a wealth without which L’Oréal would not be what it is today. So we are doing all we can to make sure our partners and employees can develop to their fullest potential, through education, training, mentorships and numerous initiatives designed to help them thrive at every level.

We have a special focus on empowering women, who represent half of the world. Women have a major role in reshaping the future of Beauty.

97 %

of the Group’s permanent employees benefit from health cover that reflects best practice in their country of residence.


In 2021, 13,946 people from underprivileged communities gaineds access to employement.

93 %

of the Group’s permanent
employees have access to financial protection.


Since its launch, 89,093 people gained access to work through the Solidarity Sourcing program, an additional 7,955 people in 2021 .

55 %

Women in leadership positions

Human Rights, for a human company

At L’Oréal, we are a company made up of human beings whose actions and products have an impact on other human beings, as well as the planet. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we respect Human Rights by avoiding negative impacts on people and the planet from our activities, and by making positive impacts wherever we can.

2020 marks the beginning of a new era for human and social rights, when these topics will become more essential than ever for companies and for the world at large. Our stakeholders–employees, consumers, NGOs, regulators and more–have ever-increasing expectations on these issues. To be leaders, to set an example and to use our leverage to create positive change, we need to work collaboratively inside and outside the organization in order to hold ourselves to ever-higher standards.

L'Oréal For Youth - Reinforcing our support to Youth

L’Oréal for Youth is our sustainable answer to help young people shape their future and start their career. We commit to providing them with work opportunities for their first professional step and concrete actions to boost their employability . The program aims at supporting those who will have the most difficulty rebounding in the post-covid context. The program features ambitious and measurable commitments, particularly increasing our work opportunities for young people below 30 years-old in 2021 by 30% globally compared to 2020 and reaching more than 100,000 beneficiaries through our employability initiatives.

Discover more about our L'Oréal For Youth Program

L'Oréal Citizen – A citizen engagement program with a strong positive impact

Since 2010, the Citizen Day has allowed L’Oréal employees to dedicate a full day of their work time to supporting a non-profit social or environmental organization.

Since then, L’Oréal has continued to innovate in terms of employee citizen engagement programs and has developed L’Oréal Citizen, a program that offers the possibility to contribute to various causes through different ways: calls for projects, skill-based sponsorship, payroll giving, etc., ensuring we have a positive impact on all the communities we interact with.

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