Vichy Laboratoires

Health is vital. Start with your skin.

Vichy Laboratoires was founded in 1931 by Dr Haller, the first medical practitioner to lay the foundations of French dermo-cosmetics making the link between health and beauty. Since then, Vichy has been a brand grounded in science, recommended by dermatologists, with a dermatological expertise that has been committed to one mission: the quest of skin’s health.

At Vichy, we believe that health is vital. And start with the skin. "La santé passe aussi par la peau". Today, Vichy’s mission is stronger than ever: to empower you all, women, and men, of different ages and phototypes and help you decode and anticipate the changing needs of skin and scalp at every stage of life.
At Vichy, we believe that health is vital. And that it starts with the skin.
As a scientist, I’ve always considered skin as a vital organ and a barometer of our health that we need to understand and take care of. Skin is our first line of defense and it’s essential for me to preserve our skin’s health capital over time. At Vichy, we believe that health is vital. And that it starts with the skin. The famous brand tagline “La santé passe aussi par la peau" is the foundation of everything we do. Vichy’s head is connected to science, connected to the medical community. We are the N3 brand recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Dermatologists endorse our anti-ageing and haircare expertise.

Vichy’s heart is connected to people, to their lives, to their skin. It empowers all women and men, of all ages and phototypes to have a positive impact on their skin and scalp health, at every stage of their life.

Vania Lacascade

Vichy Global Brand President & Doctor in Pharmacy


Pioneer skin exposome science

Skin’s health has always been a quest for Vichy. Our expertise relies on the comprehensive study of the elements that affect its evolution over time. We now know that a skin condition is the combination of multiple influences: environmental, behavioral, and hormonal. And, above all: it’s their cumulative effect that can disrupt the skin’s biological functions and accelerate its ageing. In 2016, we turned these discoveries into a pioneering science: Skin Exposome Science.

This science led us to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to dermo-cosmetic, combining Dermatology with other medical fields (Endocrinology, Nutrition, Neuroscience, and Environmental medicine…). Thus, we can address the visible symptoms of certain skin dysfunctions, by prescribing products, which efficacy is tested in real life condition. Our protocols consist of powerful combinations of dermatological actives developed in hypoallergenic formulations, and health habit recommendations endorsed by our multi-disciplinary medical board. This global approach helps women to take action to counteract Exposome factors that accelerate their skin’s aging process.

Vichy is committed to gaining a better understanding on Exposome factors and their influence on skin’s health, and supports this highly important area of research at the international level through our annual Vichy Exposome Grant.

Use Tech to promote knowledge, and data-driven innovation

Knowledge is power. We are convinced of it. Better knowledge of your skin gives you the power to act at your best to preserve your youthful capital. Thanks to technology, we make our expertise available to everyone.

In 2018, we launched SkinConsult AI , an AI-powered skin diagnosis platform based on data gathered from 15 years of research in skin ageing. Its unique algorithm was developed with dermatologists and with our Exposome medical board, to analyze clinical signs of ageing and ageing accelerating factors. This diagnosis offers women an individual skin analysis to provide information regarding their skin priorities and ageing acceleration factors, as well as a tailored prescription to reach skin’s visible beauty and vitality.

In 2020, Vichy took Skin Exposome Science one step further by launching Vichy Connect , a series of livestream talks hosted by our multi-disciplinary medical experts which focus on the latest dermatological topics such as skin Exposome factors, to help women understand how to transform the future of their skin.