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Health is the future of beauty

Active Cosmetics at a glance

At L’Oréal Active Cosmetics, our mission is to help everyone in their quest for healthy and beautiful skin.

The Active Cosmetics Division is the world leader in dermocosmetics, with international skincare brands recommended by health care professionals and distributed in healthcare outlets worldwide, including, pharmacies, drugstores, medi-spa and e-retailers.

Our brands portfolio is composed of 6 brands originating from France and the USA. The brands offer a range of skincare and haircare products to respond to all expectations linked to beauty and health of the skin: from dermatological and esthetics skincare to natural solutions and from the most accessible ranges to the most premium ones.

Adding health to beauty
People expect more and more from beauty.
They want beauty that lasts forever.
Beauty that respects who they are and that they can trust.
Beauty that makes them glow.

At L'Oréal Active Cosmetics we strongly believe it is our responsibility to answer this expectation.
That is why we add health to beauty.
We add health to beauty by carefully selecting ingredients that preserve and strengthen people's skin for a long time.
We add health to beauty by answering everyone's needs with the latest innovations to offer high performance & high tolerance in our products .
We add health to beauty by collaborating closely with the best health professionals.
We add health to beauty by giving everyone the means to manage their skin health.
We add health to beauty by taking care of individuals while respecting people and our planet.

At L'Oréal Active Cosmetics, we add health to beauty because we believe "Health is the future of beauty" .

Myriam Cohen-Welgryn

President - Active Cosmetics

All you want to know about our ingredients

Questions about the composition of our products? Discover all our answers about our ingredients (quality, safety) and our glossary.

Inside Our Products

A strong expertise in science and beauty tech, a strengthened partnership with healthcare professionals, a commitment to social causes

Our brands can rely on innovations based on scientific advances, such as the microbiome and the exposome and on services linked to a strong expertise in Beauty Tech. We develop a relationship of trust with more than 180 000 doctors worldwide: dermatologists, pediatricians, esthetic doctors, general practitioners,… This vast network of partners and this proximity allow us to design and test our products, particularly with skin experts such as dermatologists, in order to better meet their expectations and those of their patients. Our partnerships are also expressed by supporting dermatological research, scientific training and the social actions of healthcare professionals themselves.

L'Oréal Active Cosmetics
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