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Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, Diesel's philosophy has always remained the same: supports passion, individuality and freedom of expression. Diesel fragrances enjoys challenging conformity and push the boundaries of traditional masculine perfumery. The Brave fragrances are made for those who live bravely, fight for their dreams, achieve through determination, and never give up…

Bravery defines Diesel’s masculinity.

Only The Brave embodies Diesel masculinity. It’s an ode to bravery. Bravery is about giving yourself the freedom to be who you really are, whoever you are. It’s about defining your values and having the audacity to defend them. Bravery is finding the courage to be the hero of your own life In 2019 Only the brave celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this important milestone, the brand reinvented its vision of modern masculinity with a new, game-changing fragrance: Spirit Of The Brave.
Created in close collaboration with Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr, Spirit of the Brave encourages young men around the world to play with their fears and reach their full potential. Spirit Of The Brave marks the first time Diesel Fragrances teams up with a prodigy from the world of sports. It's also the first time a spokesperson was involved with all aspects of a fragrance's creation, from its very inception to its worldwide launch this Spring, and beyond.

Diesel Fragrances encourages every man to tell its own story of bravery.

Diesel Fragrances keeps enjoying challenging conformity and breaking the traditional codes of men's perfumery. The brand embodies the expression of individuality, diversity, and self-expression.

Supported by an engaged family, #WEARETHEBRAVE, and a powerful Spokesperson, Neymar Jr, for Spirit Of The Brave - Diesel Fragrances encourages every man to tell its own story of bravery.

Guillaume De Lesquen

Designer Brands Fragrances Worldwide President

I'm allergic to the ordinary.

Renzo Rosso
Diesel founder

Challenging Conformity for Successful Living